Changing Worldviews, One Conversation At a Time


I just posted this on a site that I read about Blacks in China. Someone wanted to know what it was like.  This was my reply:

I have found that moving to Hangzhou, China has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The warmth of the people here is overwhelming. As a Black in China, I have been received with open arms, invitations, dinners, modeling opportunities, and the list goes on. I’ve only been here for three months, but my experience has truly been glorious. Yes, you get photographed non-stop. Yes, people want to touch your hair. Yes, many assume that people who look like you only come from Africa. Yes, you get a lot of stares, but this is my belief: when people stare at you, they’re studying you. So, what is your lesson?
It’s important to make the most out of every experience in life. It’s critical to be teachable through it all. I’d encourage Blacks and other ethnicities to come to China to experience a totally different culture. The love that is shown to the Black community here is remarkable. I have probably heard “you’re beautiful” more in the last three months from complete strangers here in China than I have in the last three years from complete strangers around the US, England, or France. The love that “we” receive here is genuine. The curiosity about who we are is sincere. I would encourage anyone considering China as a home or workplace, to come ready to learn, ready to teach, and come ready to be loved and appreciated on a totally different level.

Imagine being the first Black person a Chinese person has ever seen. Now, imagine this happening every day. This is my life. It’s my pleasure to make each one of those experiences pleasantly memorable. I love when they ask where I’m from and I gladly say, Měiguó (America)!


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